Enum and VoIP Technology

What is Enum? Enum is Telephone Number Mapping. Behind this abbreviation, an amazing concept is hiding: to be contacted wherever you are in the world using just one number in the easiest way and with the lowest costs. Enum takes a telephone number and connects it with an address published on the Internet using a DNS system . Owners of Enum numbers can then publish on the DNS the direct address where a phone call can be redirected. Even more than that, different directions for numerous types of calls can be directed. As an example, you can establish a different address if the person who tries to reach you uses a fax number. Enum needs the caller's phone number in order to be able to receive it.

Any Enum number can be registered just like a domain is registered. In this moment, a lot of Voip service companies provide this as a free feature if you already use their services. Enum is a new established feature and is not very well known yet, but it looks like it will be a revolution in peoples' communication systems and even personal flexibility at work or in vacation.

But what is Voip? Voip is the abbreviation for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is also known as Sip telephony or software based telephony. It permits the user to make phone calls to any type of phones: software, mobile or integrated, by using the voice technology over the IP. This way, the audio flux is transmitted by Internet and not by the traditional PSTN system.

To make a Voip phone call, an user needs a SIP telephony program based on software or a Voip telephone based on hardware. Phone calls can be made by anybody anywhere to Voip numbers or to normal telephone numbers.

A Voip telephone is always connected to a Voip service provider, by an analog telephone adapter, a soft phone or a special dedicated Voip phone connected to an IP address by Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

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