The History of VOIP

It seems like in today’s technological culture, everyone knows at least one person that uses the Internet to make VOIP phone calls. Still, a large part of everyday society does not know what is VOIP and the benefits it can bring to a home or business user. The initials stand for voice over Internet protocol and are a reference that the technology can be used to make Internet phone calls to real telephone numbers. This ability is a major threat to telephone providers as there does not need to be an extra charge for this service and is packaged with a person’s existing Internet plan.

To trace the history of VOIP, a person needs to go back to the year of 1974 when a study was published about how information could be shared in packets over data lines. It would take another 25 years to bring the technology into the modern age, but the last decade and a half have seen rapid growth of the telephone platform. By the year 2004, there were many competing providers of VOIP phone calls and even more would jump into the fray in the next few years. However, all of this competition is nothing compared to what many experts see as the future of the new technology.

As new technology emerges, the VOIP system is set to change. Many major areas are working on making blanket Internet coverage over whole cities or regions. If this comes to pass, the proliferation of wireless VOIP will happen in the blink of an eye. In turn, the services will be provided for free and funded by advertising efforts, meaning that an end user will have very little expense at all. If all of the Internet phone strategies and VOIP improvements make it to the market, gone will be the days of paying for local and international phone calls.

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