Enum and Voice Over IP Technology

Nowadays Enum and Voice over IP technology has created a positive impact on the way we communicate with others. Enum is primarily designed for the strength of Voice over IP services. Enum links telephony with the Internet, which makes its use for Voice over IP one of the most common and apparent fields of application.

Enum also known as telephone number mapping is the process of unifying the Internet addressing and identification name spaces with the switched public telephone network. The Internet uses the domain name system for linking IP addresses with domain names and telephone numbers are organized in the E.164 standard. Enum also known as E.164 number mapping standard is known to be the most prominent facility for telephone number mapping.

Enum has a variety of implementations which are in place today, which are the following: Carrier Enum, Public Enum and Private Enum. Enum also have various parties involved which are: The registrant, the registrar, the registry, the number holder operator and the government. Enum translates telephone numbers into Internet addresses. It enables a party to be reached any part of the world with the usage of a single identifier.

Voice over IP also known as VoIP refers to various transmission technologies, which are used to enable voice communications over IP networks. VoIP is part of the family of Internet technologies, protocols for communication and technologies for transmission. These technologies are use for the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over IP networks. Voice over IP is also known as: Internet telephony, broadband phone, IP telephony, voice over broadband (VoBB) and broadband telephony. Most current market indications show that VoIP services will replace all traditional PSTN services and networks.

Voice over IP is a type of communication that allows to make phone calls over a broadband Internet connection instead of using the typical telephone lines. A VoIP service needs a dedicated VoIP phone or a desktop or other computer , whereas others allow to use land line and a special adapter to place VoIP calls through. Enum and Voice Over IP Technology has created such a positive impact for making calls at an affordable cost.

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