Phone Calls With Google Voice

Most people know Google as the giant search engine company, but there is much more to their services than just providing results to queries. The company owns many online applications, such as video providers, email services, and countless others. One of the newest releases to come from the company is Google Voice, an intended competitor to the other firms that offer VOIP phone calls. However, the Google Voice product has several distinctions that make it the fastest growing VOIP company on the market.

The biggest attraction to Google Voice right now is the possibility to make free calls. As part of the initial offering of the service in 2010, the company gave users free calls to mobile and land lines in the United States and Canada. They decided to expand this service and the year 2011 is completely free as well. This is especially beneficial for a person that is located outside of one of these two countries. Instead of paying high premiums for international calls, a person can make free international calls by simply having a Voice account. Most experts believe that Google will continue to expand the deadline for free calls and that it will eventually turn into a completely free service for both free international calls and domestic ones.

For a person that needs more complete service for international calls, the Google Voice Rates are competitive with other companies like Skype. In addition, by linking certain Google services to the Voice account, a person can have all of their phone numbers and email information in one place. The current emerging trend is that eventually a person will be able to make all VOIP phone calls for free. Until that time comes to fruition, Google Voice stands as the best among the many companies offering VOIP services.

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