Podcasting Legal Issues

Many people enjoy listening to podcasts and reading blogs as both sources of information and entertainment. The medium of the internet has allowed everyday people who may be interested or skilled in a specific area to share their knowledge and passion with countless others all across the world. Some people are so passionate about a particular subject that they wish to create their own blog or podcast to connect with other like-minded people. However, many people are unaware of the different legal issues of podcasting and blogging.

There are certain considerations which must be taken into account when deciding to start up a blog or podcast. There are legal issues which need to be addressed. If a person creating a podcast or blog generates all of the contact himself, then this is not such a big issue. However, it is important to obtain all of the necessary rights and permissions for the material used in a podcast. This can become increasingly difficult the more material from outside sources is used in a blog. Many items such as writings, scripts, various recordings, music, and images may be ed and special permission from the creator of the content needs to be obtained before these items can be used legally in a podcast or blog.

When recording a podcast, it may be necessary to obtain a master use license. This is a license which give the license holder the right to use a piece of recorded music in a media project. A master use license is typically obtained from a record company. This is relevant to podcasters who wish to feature recordings produced by other artists in their podcasts. Bloggers and podcasters face many of the same legal issues for small businesses that those in other industries face. It is important to be aware of the applicable laws in the field before beginning a podcast or blog in order to get the most out of a project with the least amount of legal hassles.

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