Itunes Retains Podcasting Software Crown

It only seems fitting that the company responsible for introducing the term of podcasting to the world has remained the best producer of podcasting software on the planet. Apple Computers and the iTunes program have become synonymous with podcasts and the majority of people with iPods and other devices use iTunes to sync their favorite podcasts for playback on the go. Because iTunes is the native program for podcasts, it makes sense that users would find the experience better with this program. However, there are other reasons that iTunes is still at the top of the heap.

The main reason for the dominance of iTunes is the way that the Music Store acts as a podcast directory. The store has the most comprehensive listing of available podcasts and a subscription can be made with only one click and the episodes are effortlessly delivered to the user’s computer in an attractive GUI that looks much better than Winamp and other competitors. This simplicity makes it simple for a person to find a podcast they like and always be up to date on the latest episode. In addition, listeners to the podcasts can leave comments on the music store to highlight both the good and bad about transmissions.

Another factor for the popularity of iTunes is the cross platform status of the podcasting software. Users who prefer Windows Operating System over OSX by Apple Computers will find that the Windows version works just as well and there is no loss in quality. While creators of podcasts may prefer other program for recording software options, the best program for organizing podcasts to be listened to is the one made by Apple Computers. Until a software company can match the ease of use and attractive interface, iTunes will continue to be the main podcasting software of choice.

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