What Is Podcasting

Short of having a time slot on a local radio station, the closest a person can come to becoming a radio DJ is by producing their own podcasts. For a person that does not know what is podcasting, there are many information databases that describe exactly what the digital media files are. However, a better introduction is to use a combination of a music software program and a podcast directory to listen to a few episodes and determine if it is something the person would like to listen to on a regular basis or even learn how to podcast on their own.

Essentially, a podcast is a radio show that has been prerecorded and is released in episodes to followers. The advantage over a typical radio show is that it is a recorded format, meaning editing can be done to polish over rough spots and give the emission a more professional look and sound. In addition, anyone can create a podcast and deliver it to a podcast directory where anyone can subscribe to the episodes. A podcast can be about nearly anything and there are a wide variety of different types. The majority of the podcasts are related to music, but others are closer to talk radio and present news, comedy, or other information in each episode. The newest trend in podcasting is the new video podcast, which is exactly what it sounds like - a podcast that is presented as video rather than audio.

For a person to start listening to podcasts, a music software program will be needed. Nearly all of the major programs have podcasting functionality and will automatically update to the latest episode of favorite podcasts. Many people who are fans of podcasts load them on mp3 players and listen to them on daily commutes to and from work.

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