Video Podcasting Technology

Video podcast or video podcasting is the online technique that involves delivering a video file or a video clip to a certain recipient via internet syndication like RSS. Video podcasting is different from normal podcasting, the latter requiring only the delivery of an audio file. In case of video podcasts, the RSS feed is like a TV channel because viewers can subscribe through a multimedia device.

Video podcasting is also known as vidcast. The first video podcast was launched in 2004, when Steve Garfield said that 2004 will be the year of the video podcast. But video podcasting was made famous by Apple mastermind Steve Jobs. With the help of iTunes, consumers all over the world can browse through a global database of video podcasts. Some podcasts are free, while others require money.

Video podcasts are distributed either as a simple file that you subscribe to and receive periodically, either as a stream. The stream can have some disadvantages because, if the user is lacking a good internet connection, streaming can take longer and work slower. Of course, the user has the option of downloading the stream into his computer. Then he can playback it anytime he wants.

The most popular video podcasts are the video comedy podcasts. Stand up comedians around the world share their videos online for larger audiences.

Making a video podcast means making a short film. You will require a camera, some lights, a few characters and space to perform. When posting it online, remember that tagging it is extremely important. People search for video podcasts using popular keywords, so if you want them to find your work, you have to know how to make it available. Also remember that the camera work and the lightning are two crucial elements. Nobody wants to watch a shaky or an over-exposed video.

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