Top Five Podcasting Sites

Podcasting has become popular over the recent years with the help of smartphones and other technology. Although they have been around for years, not many people really had an interest in them because they couldn't take their podcasts everywhere they go. Since they are the rage now, let's view the top five podcasting sites on the Internet.


If you are ever in need of any podcasts, you can definitely rely on iTunes with having it. They have almost any podcast that you can think of just because people trust iTunes more than any other site or program on the web (when it deals with podcasts). You may find some free podcasts, but there are others that are also paid.


AudioBooks, like iTunes, is another popular site mostly catered to readers. They do have podcasts made available; however, you won't find as many as you would with iTunes or with other sites. They are taking initiative in growing their podcast directory in order to cater towards more of their customer base.


BlogTalkRadio could more than likely give iTunes a run for its money due to the fact that it is the one of the top podcasting sites on the Internet. Whether it's radio podcasts, video podcasts, etc. you can be sure that BlogTalkRadio has something catered towards what you are looking for. Many celebrities tend to have interviews on this site and some notable people who have been on here was Eric Roberts, Mark Zuckerburg, and Heather Tom just to name a few.


Of course Podcast would be an online directory filled with podcasts. Like with BlogTalkRadio, there are tons of online channels that you can choose from. All of the podcasts available on the site are free and all you have to do is click 'play now' in order to instantly stream it. There are many video podcasts also just incase you are a visual person.

Education Podcast Network

The Education Podcast Network (EPN) isn't as varied as the other sites are; however, it is popular among college students and people seeking to learn about something that they may be interested in.

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