What is Podcasting

Podcasting is the latest development in the internet world, allowing users to download video or audio files that are published periodically (weekly or monthly) on blogs or sites. The original name of the technique was webcasting. Since the iPod became so popular worldwide, the internet community has changed the name from webcast to podcast.

If you are wondering what is podcast, the answer given by a research group at the University of Texas is that a podcast is any audio or video file that you can subscribe to and is episodic. The subscription is similar to the subscription to a magazine. Every week or month, you wait for the podcast to pop up in your virtual mailbox.

If you are thinking about how to podcast, you should keep in mind that it requires a lot of consistency. People will expect to receive their podcast at the exact time they have received the previous one, or else they will lose their interest. Timing is everything.

Today, podcasting software like iTunes is one of the easiest ways to find the type of podcast you are interested in. If you like sports, food, business, traveling, short stories, horror stories, iTunes has a huge database for you from which you can browse and choose whatever you desire.

Podcasting is like listening to a radio program. You know the day and the hour and you tune in to hear the latest episode. There are video podcasts or audio podcasts all over the internet. If you are thinking about downloading them, you should know that a video podcast takes longer, depending on your internet connection and speed. Today, TV shows, artists, bands, painters, advertisers and many other professions have gone podcasting on the internet to keep in touch with their audiences. It is the easiest way to deliver a product and charge for it, if you want. Some podcasts are free; others require some method of payment.

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