Windows Podcasting Better Than Apple

Windows podcasting is growing so fast in popularity and consumers can say that, recently, there is a new star in town: Windows podcast. Although Apple and the iPod are the true leaders in podcasting and sharing podcasts online, Windows podcast has gain a lot of popularity because it is easy, accessible, cheap and fun.

If you want to make a Windows podcast all you have to do is open Windows Media Player, software that you already have on your computer if you are a Windows user. Online you can also find podcasting software just like the popular iLife that all iTunes users love so much. When the two big brands, Apple and Microsoft, decided to share their software, PC users finally had the opportunity to install iTunes on their computers, leading to a shift in power. From that moment on, Apple users weren’t the only one capable of podcasting and sharing podcasts. The internet podcast scene grew heavily with Windows podcasts users that wanted to share their creativity with the world.

Today, iTunes isn’t the only software for listening to podcast feeds. jPodder, Juice or RSSRadio are all compatible with Windows feeds. Users can browse podcasts, listen to the ones they like, download them or rate them. This large variety has empowered the business of podcasting. Every day, a new podcast is born and shared with the world.

Windows podcasting can easily be done even by amateurs who don’t have the budget to spend on professional audio equipment. An audio file can easily be edited in Audacity, which is free and easy to use. The advantage PC users have over Mac users when it comes to windows podcasting is that there are more editing programs available on the internet for Windows fans. They have lots of options, each one suited for different needs. That is why Windows podcasting has never been easier and will soon take over the world.

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