Podcasting For An Expanded Horizon

For a person that is tired of listening to the radio and hearing only the same twenty songs played over and over again, podcasting may be the way to go to get a new type of relevant and exciting experience. The majority of podcasts are found with music themes, but there is actually a hidden treasure chest of podcasting broadcasters that bring interesting topics to the new technology. A simple visit to a podcast directory will show the many choices that a person has, from religion and spirituality to comedy episodes and all points in between. For users of Apple iTunes, the music store fills this function by listing a large number of podcasts.

Many people have started using podcasts to stay on top of news and politics. There are several prominent podcasts that release daily episodes that highlight current events, both domestically and from around the world. The most popular of this type of podcasting is the few National Public Radio transmissions that feature high quality reporting and programming. While the same information is broadcast on traditional radio, the podcast format lets a listener tune in whenever they have time for the programs instead of needing to listen to the radio at a certain time.

Other podcasts are not from the radio and exist as an individual effort by single person or small group of people. Religion and spirituality is a common topic, but health, culture, and the arts all make appearances in these podcasts. A great information podcast is the Hardcore History series that is hosted by Dan Carlin. His unique perspective towards historical events and his easy to understand presentation style could help a person broaden their horizons by introducing both famous and hidden eras of human history. Most podcast directory services have listener ratings to highlight the best broadcasters.

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