VOIP Calls With Skype

With the quality and speed of Internet connections reaching all time highs, many people have decided to ditch their fixed line carriers in favor of Skype and other services that offer telephone calls on the Internet. The free download of the program software has attracted many new clients and the current number of people that use the service is over 650 million. The main attraction of Skype over a traditional land line is that they offer free phone calls to other members on the service. In international situations, this can mean that a great deal of money is saved talking to friends and families that are in other countries.

The technology that is behind the Skype program is known as Voice Over Internet Protocol. This means that when a person makes VOIP calls, the signal transmission is sent over the same cable or DSL lines that are used to deliver Internet content. In contrast with regular phone lines, this new technology has a larger amount of bandwidth and the quality obtained with VOIP calls is comparable or better than the land line calls. There are many online websites that provide information about Skype and about the technical aspect of how the VOIP calls work.

For a person that would like to get Skype and give the service a try, there is an easy way to get started in just a few minutes. The free download of the Skype software is available from the company’s website and can be installed on Windows, OSX, or Linux operating systems. After downloading the program, it will take only a few short minutes to create an account and import contacts from standard email servers. This process will match Skype aliases and create a listing of the person’s contacts that are on the network. When a person is available to receive calls on Skype, their contact listing will show a green check mark.

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